Press Release for terminal Velocity

Hey everyone. Here’s the press release I released via (a great website for any author–use and abuse it!). Sorry I haven’t been able to post in a while. I’ve been about the busiest person I know for the past month.

Tomorrow I’m calling the local Waldenbooks to see if I could get a midnight release of Terminal Velocity there. That’d be really cool. There’s a central stagelike area in the section of the mall where Waldenbooks is located, so it’ll be a great place to have a speech and open the box!

Anyway–on with the press release most awesome!

Dawson Vosburg, Teen Author, To Release Exciting Sequel

Dawson Vosburg, the teenage author of the young-adult science-fiction novel Double Life, will release its sequel soon. Dawson says that this will be a much more exciting novel and the public will enjoy it even more than its predecessor.

Aug 08, 2009 – Dawson Vosburg published his first novel, Double Life, at age fourteen. Now, he’s preparing for the release of its sequel, Terminal Velocity (December 14, 2009).

Terminal Velocity picks up right where Double Life left off, when the trio of thirteen-year-

olds, Josiah Jones, Denise Black, and KC McCaite, returns to the BLUE Agency. They thought the world was safe after they put a great dent in the RED Agency.But things are more complicated than they appear. The RED Agency is back, and there is a mysterious third party who continues to interfere with the BLUE Agency’s plans. The novel is a twist-filled adventure with surprises at every corner.

“Terminal Velocity is, in general, a better and more exciting novel than Double Life,” Vosburg says. “More action, more excitement, and more emotion fill the pages of Terminal Velocity.”

On writing the second book, Vosburg says, “It was even more exciting to keep developing these characters and throwing wrenches in the works.”

The novel will be released on December 14, 2009.


You can check it out at .

Thanks for reading!


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Making your Kindle sales excel!

Today I’d like to discuss with you Amazon’s ebook reading device, Kindle, and how that can help you get your book out there. Kindle is Amazon’s wireless reading device, and if you’re an author, I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of it. Kindle is currently the most popular ebook reader. Conveniently, they offer to you a free service to put your book on Kindle and have it selling in a few hours on Amazon.

If you want to do this, go to and you can upload your file, front cover art, and whatever else they ask you for. If you’re uploading the PDF, you’re going to run into some problems because when you upload a PDF it translates it all wonky. I’d recommend going to Joshua Tallent at for this question. He’ll be able to guide you through the process.

Once you have it all uploaded, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND setting the price to $1. Not $.99, but $1. If you set it to $.99, it won’t discount the book, but if you set it to $1, it’ll discount 20 cents off of it and you still get the 35% royalty off the dollar, so Amazon’s taking the cut and not you. This is a HUGE selling point for a Kindle book.

It’ll take a while for Amazon to make a Kindle page for your book. Once it’s up, great. Now you have a book on Kindle. What do you do with it? I’d suggest going onto the Kindle community forums on Amazon. Just scroll down to the “Discussions” section on the book’s page and the top two should be in the Kindle forum. Click the word Kindle, and you’re ready to make a topic about your book.Make the post topic relevant to your book and state either that it’s 80 cents or under a dollar. People will be attracted to this. In the post, say who you are, give a brief description of the book, put the link there, and thank people for their time, signing your name at the end. You will probably be able to start selling books quite quickly and easily because it’s only 80 cents. That’s the benefit of having a really cheap book. When people respond to your topic, thank them and remind them to post a review. They most often will.

If you want to market further, go to and make an account there. As a Kindle author, your home would be the Book Bazaar sub forum. There, there is a thread that I started called “Got an 80 cent book? Front it here.” There are plenty of authors who have posted for the reader’s convenience to shop around. Also I’d recommend making a similar post to the one on the Amazon forums separate of the 80 cent book thread. From there, people will read your book and often review it. There are plenty of Amazon Kindle users who read books and always review them, so keep that in mind!

It’s important to use the Kindle because people who use it are the ones who love books the most—they shelled out 400 bucks on a reader. They’re not your average Joe, read a book a year kind of people. They love to read and they are willing to read your book.


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Writing a First Draft

I’d like to share with you an article I wrote for (which is a great marketing tool):

When I first sat down to write my debut novel, I had none of these ideas that I’m about to give you. I was twelve years old at the time–I had a movie idea that I was going to make with some friends, but unfortunately (in retrospect, it was actually fortunate for my writing career) they backed out on me. But this story was just burning in my bones, and I had to let it out before either a) I lost the story, or b) I lost interest in the story. So in a moment of reckless decision, I decided to pen a novel.

I had no clue what I was getting into. And being a nerdy nose-in-a-book twelve-year-old, I scoured the writing section in the library. All I found was a lot of abstract stuff about what you should do in the MIDDLE of writing your book and I found almost nothing about how to start off, especially being as young as I was.

My search ended with a book that totally changed my perspective on writing, forever. It’s called No Plot? No Problem! and it’s written by one of the funniest men on the planet (of course he’s funny…he’s a writer), Chris Baty. What I learned from that book was invaluable, and that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

What I learned was that you don’t have to have a perfect, heck, even a GOOD first draft. All my first drafts can testify to that (except my most recent one–I think that one was better than the others). What you need to do for your first draft for your first novel is to explore what your story could be, to take the brush and make broad, experimental strokes. And if you want to keep it within a framework, you can do that.

The point is that you use the first draft as a place to vomit a story that’s been burning your stomach with its altogether wonderful acids that just don’t work very well inside of you. Once you have the story out, you can use months of practice and work to form it into something astounding and engaging, but that’s for later.

What I like to do is I get my first draft down as ONLY the main plot and nothing else and just pound it out in a month or less, writing thousands of words a day and not caring that that last page was the worst piece of fiction I’ve ever written. I do this by setting a goal, both timewise and wordwise. My usual word goal is anywhere between 40k-60k words (for National Novel Writing Month in November, I aim for 50k), and my usual time goal is a month or less. I find these goals to be feasible and actually quite easy since you’re only doing a first draft.

“But Dawson,” you say, “what about prewriting?”

I usually just wing it, which is perfectly viable, as is prewriting. I don’t have a lot of advice to give on that because the book I did the most prewriting on is the worst book of my 4 and will probably never see the light of day. But usually, if you’re going to have to vomit a story, you already have had the story in your mind, so all the details will probably come to you as you go.

I wish you the best of luck, teen writers, and I encourage you to check out No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty. Have a great day.

Well, I hope that that was insightful to you. It’s what got my first draft written for all of my books.

A little about it’s a free place where you can write articles and have them up in about a week. The one you just saw isn’t yet up (I just submitted it today) but I wanted to share it with you anyway.



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May 30: Kindle Kindle Kindle Kindle!

So, guess whose book is selling on Amazon Kindle for $0.80?

Yep. Everyone who has a kindle or iPhone or iPod Touch now has no excuse. For less than you can buy a soda, you can pick up a copy of Double Life now.

I’ve sold six copies of the book so far. It seems to be doing well, since it only got there yesterday. I’d encourage anyone who has a Kindle to just take the plunge and pick one up today.

I’ve worked with Stacey Cochran in the forums to let people know about my book. Also, I’ve made a Listmania list with six other books under two dollars on the Kindle store, and it’s already gotten more views in one day than most of my lists get in a month.

It’s been a great couple of days.


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Review #1: The Nine Lives of Clemenza, by Holly Christine

Rating: 4/5

I just have to give you my highest congratulations, Holly–this was a fabulously written, intriguing, and deep book about spirituality.

But if all you’re looking for is a cozy kitty tale, look elsewhere. Clemenza is far more than a cat.

Clemenza, like all other beings, starts out as a little glowing energy orb, waiting in line to tell God what she wants the first of her nine lives to be. She looks through a long brochure of things that people can choose and is able to be whatever she pleases. And from there, she lives her life as air, the Northern Lights, a human, and an assortment of other things.

But really at its heart it is a spiritual book about both reincarnation and how we see God as a being that is definite or as something that changes for every person (she mentions him changing in appearance when she goes through the line). It’s interesting to look at the book’s worldview: a monotheistic reincarnation of only nine lives. And there was rarely a boring moment.

Not to say it’s not without flaw–I sometimes lost track and the writer sometimes repeated herself. But this is a truly solid and fun book that I guarantee you’ll like. Nine Lives of Clemenza shows you all the little curious wonderings of something that started out as a little orb in Heaven.

Recommended for readers of any age.

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May 21

Okay…something big happened. I got a review by’s #3 Classic Reviewer, Grady Harp. You can see his review right here.

I’ve been trying to book a signing at a Barnes & Noble store, but with little luck. I was directed to the local small press buyer. I’m guessing he/she will be used to dealing with small presses that use POD (what small press doesn’t these days?), so that will be a good way to go.

Kinda at a slow point right now, waiting for summer.


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May 4

Hey, guys. Been too dead tired for the past couple of days to tell you how the book signing went, but lemme just say: it was awesome.

I sold out. Yepper. I’m sold out of copies of Double Life right now. So if you live in Anderson and want one, notta chance.

Or is there?

That’s not true either, because yesterday I sold 13 books to people who didn’t make it to the signing to reserve them for my next shipment. And all I had was an 18-year-old Mead steno-pad notebook and a pen. THAT’S the way to do it right there.

So I sold 25 books at the signing…and I’m also (trying) to conduct a blog tour! That’s right, a blog tour. You may have seen this post at the blog, but it’s true. I need someone with a blog, preferably more than one, to interview me or have me write a post for them. And it won’t cost anyone anything. You just have to put a link to my book at the end and actually interview me.

Also *huffs and puffs from typing this fast* my next sales goal is 250 books by the 13th. Be telling all your friends about my book and where they can buy it. Shannon, I’m looking at you because you’re one of those people who has read my book! Just in general, tell everyone.

Finally (finally) I am contacting a local B&N today to get a signing there. I’m setting up an appointment with the CRM and hopefully we can get consignment worked out or even have them buy them from Ingram. That would be even better!

Sorry for boring you with all my little updates, but hopefully you’ve learned something from my business. And I won’t make you figure out what my little message is, because you’re too tired for that. It is (are you ready?) business is fun!


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May 1

Okay, so today is the day before the signing. I’m pretty excited–anticipating a pretty good turnout here. We have a couple of good things promising a high number of people:

  1. The new X-Men movie that’s playing in the theater next to Waldenbooks
  2. We got a half-page article in the local paper
  3. I posted flyers around in the school

These should draw a good number of people to the signing.

On another note, I went to the doctor’s today and got my (hopefully) final immunizations. They keep changing these dang policies that require you to have more shots, bla bla bla….Anyway. This would have been a terrible trip if I had not sold three books, bringing my total count up to 130. My next sales goal is 250, and the date I want to have that many by is the 13th. I’d better start selling books in a hurry!

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I’ll post tomorrow to tell you how the booksigning went.


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April 25

Happy Christmas was 5 Months Ago Day, everyone. I celebrate with festive candlesticks and charcoal.

On that odd note, I have finally made it onto the Ingram’s database, although Borders doesn’t think so. It apparently isn’t in their ordering system or even on their Web site. But it IS updated on the Amazon website with the correct pricing and all, and Barnes and Noble lists it as In Stock, so I don’t see why Borders can’t jump on the bandwagon.

This is one reason I wish we had a B. Dalton instead of a Waldenbooks in our mall, because we’re having a signing in the only place that doesn’t seem to have my book listed in their database.

We might have to reschedule the signing, which I am not happy about because the signing was due for May 2 for the reason that there’s a major sci fi movie coming out and EVERYONE will be walking by the Waldenbooks. I’m so mad at myself for not ordering that blasted proof copy earlier! GRRR!!!

And on the note of that angry rant, some happier news. I had a reporter call yesterday asking if I would like to do an article with them. They’re going to run a photo of me and Elmore. Although they can’t do it before the signing, maybe if it’s delayed a week or two we could get some nice publicity.

(Note: I don’t know why it chopped off the last part of the post when I first wrote this. Weird…)

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April 7

Hey, y’all. Total sales as of right now are 117, with ANOTHER promised two sales tomorrow. That brings my total debt down to$130.84. Well, that’s including the two promised sales for tomorrow.

Finally getting around to shipping my book off to the Sacramento Book Review today–hope that goes well for me. Other than this I don’t really have anything else to say.

Ooh! Ooh! I know! Two of my total of three Amazon sales have been reported on Lulu, and I am now able to be payed on those sales. This makes me happy.

So…good luck, and I’ll be updating on the 10th, or when any updates arrive, whichever comes first.


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